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Yachting in the Ionian Sea

Beyond Yachting and Voyage is the company that gives you an ultimate experience in Ionian Sea that you will never forget.

Whatever you are looking for: modern yachting vacations in ancient Greece, charters to lonely islands, yachts for rent and for fun.

So, where can our Yachts take you. Selected Destinations.

We have selected top destinations from the Ionian Islands where you will experience your dreamed holiday.

If you want to go beyond you need the right escort

Beyond Yachting and Voyage ensures you the best selection of Beneteau sailing yachts and Lagoon catamarans for any kind of vacation, travel, cruise, team building, charter, island sightseeing, family trip or just sailing in Greece.

On the sea voyage in the Ionian Sea

What should a person - sun, sea and a boat. This thought began to turn the head of any more with the first warm days of summer. If you decide to embark on an adventurous voyage, Ionian Islands are a great challenge for your extraordinary summer. For a moment submerge one infinite blue of the sea water, now add a pinch of luxury, a dozen friends and get the recipe for an unforgettable experience. On a boat you can find the peace you have been waiting for a year. Unearthly landscapes of Ionian caress you and will remain forever linked to these fabulous places. Give your charter to the islands of happiness and sail to paradise.