Beyond Yachting and Voyage gives you the perfect opportunity to live up a new, unmatched experience. You can choose a period from 1 week to 3 months (in the sailing season – from March to September). No matter what you’re looking for, you will find it on board. We’ve got everything you need for any kind of vacation, travel, cruise, team building, charter, island sightseeing, family trip or just sailing in Greece.


Meet our finest selection of Beneteau yachts and Lagoon catamarans. Their sails will surely bring you straight to the pleasure and freedom of the horizon. Choose the one you need – small or big, private or startling, romantic or adventurous.


If you are not well trained in sailing or you just want to relax on the yacht, you will need the help of our experienced Captains and Navigator Officers. For your prefect comfort we can ensure a chef and hostess for your trip.


Greece is a perfect sailing destination. The islands are around 20% of its territory. The natural beauty, mild Mediterranean climate, ancient history and wonderful sailing condition ensure unforgettable experience. The sailing session begins in March and reaches its culmination in July and August. Here you can learn more about Greece and sailing in the Mediterranean, but it’s always better to see this beauty with your eyes and feel it with your soul.


We believe sailing is all about freedom. The same freedom that has bonded men to the sea for centuries, making them eager to discover new horizons, new lands and new emotions. It’s the kind of freedom you never understand, until you experience it yourself. And it has many faces. You might find the power to control the ocean and go anywhere on the wings of the wind. Or the greatest inspiration by the look of the magical sunset. You might find yourself on the white paved sidewalks of the Mediterranean islands… Who knows? The only sure thing is that you will find something. Something you’ll never ever forget.

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